Tuesday, November 3, 2015

November 2015?

Well, it is hard to believe that it is already November. Time is flying by faster than I can blink my eyes.
Well last Monday was fun for me we played basketball down at the church and the usual happened I dominated. it gets kind of boring sometimes. I am not cocky just over confident. 
Tuesday freaking sucked. By far the hardest day of the mission. We were on bikes and it was raining all day. I had a rain coat but that did little to nothing for me. my pants were drenched in water, Shoes soaked, hands were frozen and I had a flat tire the whole day. Yes, a flat tire on my bike. On top of that, no one wanted to talk to us or answer their doors. My legs were soo tired I had to stop every 10 minutes in the rain and pump them up. The lord really humbled me on that one.
Wednesday was better. Well, anything compared to Tuesday was good. Wow sorry, I just realized it was my birthday Wednesday. Well, crap I am 19. Well, it felt like just another day. Except for the fact, a member had us over for steak and potato's. After dinner, we had brownies and ice cream so it was good and I got packages too. so I guess Wednesday was good. This is how I know the mission has helped me because I know how to spell Wednesday without spell correct.
Thursday was good we had President interviews and that took all day. That night we had exchanges and we went to Bishops house for dinner. They cooked me a second birthday dinner. We had Ritz chicken and salad it was really good. After dinner, we had brownies and ice cream for desert again which was awesome plus we ate them by a fire.
Friday was fun so in Edwardsville the kids trick or treat on the 30th. we had a good day and it was fun we talked to Ron which is always interesting and fun and I got a bunch more packages full of candy so I basically trick or treated to.
Saturday was officially on Halloween. In Edwardsville, they have a parade with floats and stuff which we didn't get to go to because we had dinner with the Clements who are an older couple in the ward. Before that, we said our last goodbyes to Ronda. She is now officially moving. Before we left I gave her a letter she called me about 5 minutes later crying and thanking me for it and said "she will keep it forever" well we were weekly planning and its Ronda and she ordered Pizza and told us to come over so we did and I didn't know her new address so I tricked her into it. I told her I was going to have Elder Thorsen send her a letter which I will but I wanted it so I could send the sister missionaries over to her. clever huh. Well back to the Clements. So the husband picked us up and was riding down a hill and at the bottom of this hill is a fairly good size bump and seconds before we hit it we tell him to slow down. well, it was too late and we basically jumped his 2002 jeep liberty it was awesome.
Sunday was fun we had a great day had dinner with the Chandler family which is always fun. We got home that night and I turned on the stove to cook something with oil and I put it on there on high. So I left it there for a little bit and I look down the hall and the rest of the apartment is covered in smoke it was nuts we spent the rest of the night venting out the smoke. hahaha, my bad on that one.
Well, hope everyone has a great week. Keep on Keepin on.
Elder Washburn
A little Rain...

Stinking bike tire. always goes flat.

2 birthday packages on my birthday

Feeling the LOVE.

Birthday Dinner and brownies.

Getting ready for Halloween, No this is all for me.

Dinner after Dinner, Thanks Mom & Dad.

This is how we roll...

My Planning Desk.

Smoke in the aprament from my attempt to cook.

Great Quote.

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