Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Well the days keep going faster and faster. Elder Thorsen got shipped off to Columbia Missouri. I loved being companions with him.

Well Monday we went to St. Louis. It was really fun we went to Fitz’s and the St. Louis Zoo it was really fun. Brandon Ryan a Priest in our ward drove us out there and hung out with us. Lots of pictures and memories from that trip.

Tuesday we tried to see people that Thorsen wanted to say goodbye to and knock on some doors that we wanted to knock on together. It was a lot of fun.

Wednesday was okay Thorsen left and I went on an exchange to Glen Carbon for the Afternoon it was really tough to say goodbye to Elder Thorsen. We had a lot of great times and moments together. I got Elder Langston now and he is the exact opposite of Elder Thorsen. Thorsen loved to talk some days he just couldn't keep quiet. Elder Langston doesn't like to talk and would rather sit in silence.

Thursday we saw Rikki and it was a good visit. I always enjoy going to Rikki's house and talking to her. The only things that are holding her back are Smoking, Drinking and coming to church or she would be baptized. She reads the Book of Mormon often as she can. So this week has been a huge test of patience. So both of my tires were flat on my bike from Wednesday to Saturday. I had to bump up both my tires with a little hand pump every 10 minutes. It was really tough but all I did was press forward because that's all I could do.

We taught Ronda on Friday she is still stubborn. I have been thinking about it and I am going to print off a talk by Tad R. Callister of the seventy called "The Blueprint of Christs Church" it is a super good talk. Friday we also went to the ward Halloween party. I absolutely love this ward. They are such great people I will be sad to leave it when my time is up here.

Saturday we taught Rikki and Ron. Ron fixed my tires so now they aren't flat. Saturday was cold and I didn't wear a sweater so I learned my lesson.

Sunday was good we had fun at church and had dinner with the Armstrong family they are a great family.

Well I can’t believe I am almost 19.... This is crazy. It feels like yesterday I was in High school shooting the breeze with my friends now I am serving a mission. Wow. Well hope everyone has a great Halloween and a great week. I look forward to all the letters and packages that you will send me for my birthday. ;)


Elder Washburn

Fitz's Restaurant

Draft Root Beer

Road Trip to Saint Louis

At the Zoo (Brandon Ryan & me talking about stuff...)

My new Hat


pumping up my tire every 10 mins


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