Tuesday, October 6, 2015

What a Week! (Oct 15th 2015)

So Monday was interesting so we had p-day and it was soo boring we just walked around Wal-Mart and stuff. We had dinner that night with the Puckett’s. The Puckett’s live about 20 miles from Edwardsville. We hoped on the bus and rode out to their house, so we get there and we are about to enter their yard and a cop pulls up and stops us. He asked for our IDs and we talked to him for a little bit. He was concerned that we were solicitors and we assured him that we weren't but it was whatever. That day I bought hair trimmers to cut hair. So when Thorsen and I got home, we cut each other’s hair. It was a blast!

Tuesday we got the car back from the dealership and we taught 5 lessons that day it was just great. We talked to Ronda Pittleton, Rikki, Margo, Ronda and Eric & Debra. It was just a great day.

Wednesday was a good day, but numbers wise it was garbage. We still had lots of fun we talked to Ronda again. Gosh, she is so stubborn.

Thursday was absolutely amazing, so we had exchanges and I was in charge of it. Thorsen went to Glen Carbon and the brand new missionary came with me. So we taught five lessons that day. The first one was just nuts. We were walking by this park and these punk teenagers called us over so we did and I looked at Dickson and said: "Be ready for anything follow my lead". Well, he did. It was just nuts so there were two kids and we are in the middle of talking about prophets and two more kids came and listened. One of the new people that showed up started asking hard questions and I was just blowing through them like they were nothing then four more people came and listened. The next thing I knew there was about 10-12 people there listening to me and asking questions it was like I was giving a sermon. We started to talk about Prayer and one of them said, "When we pray to heavenly father we are not really talking to him" I looked at her and said "So when you are talking to me are you talking to me or the pole next to me? Why wouldn't this same principle be true for our heavenly father?" We said a prayer and left. Elder Dickson, who has been out in the mission field for a couple of weeks and didn't say a word during the whole lesson. He just started to freak out. In a good way and starts to say wow you went HAM. I did go HAM and it felt good. After that, we taught 4 more lessons. We went HAM and had a great time doing it. Friday we taught a couple of lessons and helped this old lady with some gardening and it was fun she fed us lunch.

Well on Friday Thorsen turned 20 he is so old now and Bishop's family came by and dropped off some brownies and ice cream.

Saturday was great we taught two lessons on top of watching conference, which was just great I absolutely loved it. Oh, and I had Brownies and Ice Cream for breakfast it was glorious.

Sunday was fun we went to the bishop's house and watched conference and played some baseball it was a blast! The conference was truly amazing, so glad I got to watch it. I learned so much from them and had fun doing it. Hope everyone has a great week. The Church is true.


Elder Washburn

On the Bus back to Edwardsville form Woodriver. 

Brownies and Ice Cream from the Ryans to celebrate Elder Thorsen's Birthday. 

Watching General Conference with Bishop Ryan and his family. Look who fell asleep?

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