Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Hello (Oct 14, 2015)

Well, sorry for not emailing yesterday, that's on me. Thorsen and I thought the library would be closed because it was Columbus day. It turns out it was open so sorry about that. It was a good week this week. 

Monday we went to the O'Fallon mall and played basketball it was fun. 

Tuesday we taught Rikki. She is doing great she is reading the book of Mormon and in the process of stopping her addictions to smoking and drinking. She is doing great on those at this point we are just preparing her for baptism and getting her to church we will be going back over there today. We also taught Amanda & Eric they have to move again and asked us to help them look for a house. They basically vented to us about all of their problems. 

Wednesday I bible bashed with one of our investigators. Ronda Pittleton. This isn't the Ronda that loves us this is a different Ronda. Anyways, she didn't like the scriptures that I read in the Bible that taught us that the Trinity isn't real and Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father and The Holy Ghost are three separate beings. She told us not to come back. We went to Ronda's house the one that likes us. We talked to her and she wants to get baptized. She is starting to accept what we say except for the fact that the Book of Mormon is the word of God along with the Bible. We also had dinner with the Adams family that night as well. Brother Adams is our ward mission leader. It was fun they are a great family. 

Thursday was a tough day teaching wise. It was still a good day we taught Rikki again, she got on herself for not reading. Which is really good and important because it shows she wants to read it and has a desire to. We had fun on the way home Thorsen talked to this lady who was super interested, but didn't get her name or her number. 

Friday was okay, we stayed in Edwardsville and Thorsen broke his bike seat so we decided to walk. Big mistake my feet were so sore after that. We talked to some people. Ronda bought us chips and candy she is so great and she loves us. 

Saturday we went to run early in the morning and taught him and went back to Edwardsville. We had to go to meetings for stake conference. Elder Scott of the area seventy in Chicago came down and talked to us Saturday and Sunday. He is such a great speaker and made things really simple to understand. This Monday we still did P-Day but didn't email or get groceries. We went back to the O'Fallon mall, I bought a sweet hat and got WASHBURN 15-17 on the side of the hat it is sick!!! We played basketball for four hours straight. We went home and I fell asleep at 9:30pm which is an hour before we are supposed to I was so tired. Thanks for all the emails! Thanks for all the love, hope everyone has a great week and continues to listen to the conference talks because they were great. Love you all 


Elder Washburn

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