Monday, September 28, 2015

Edwardsville September 21-27 2015 "Hello Everyone"

What an interesting week. Sorry I am emailing so early. We have a lesson with Rikki at 12:30.

Last Monday was really fun. We went to the Cahokia Mounds in Illinois with a bunch of missionaries in our Zone. After we went to the Cahokia Mounds we went to the Zone Leaders building and played basketball that was really fun for me at least... That night we had dinner with the Pearson's one of my favorite families. We had NAVAJO TACOS!!!! They weren't as good as my dads, but I still liked them. We had family home evening with them so we didn't have to prepare a spiritual thought so that was nice.

Tuesday was a drag. Our car has a wiring problem with the headlight so we tried to go get that fixed. We ended up sitting at the dealership for 5 hours doing nothing. Unfortunately, we still don't have the car back yet which means I have been riding a bike for three weeks straight now and about to go for. On the bright side my legs are getting huge! We went to Ronda's that night as well and gave her a book of Mormon we tried to talk about the plan of salvation but she kept interrupting us. Robert and Melodie Sever fed us that night. We love going over there we always have a good time. They are an older couple but not too old if you get what I am saying. That night I ate waaaay too much food. I had to walk my bike home because I was so sick.

Wednesday was nice, it was a nice day. We taught Prison Carl the restoration and the importance of Prayer. The cool part was we were on Bikes on the bike path. He is on house arrest, but a hand full of days he can go out his range to work out and apply for jobs. After we talked to Carl we went to Ronda's. She gave us back the Book of Mormon we gave her the day before. She wouldn't read it because in the Introduction it said a man would get closer to god and it is the most correct of any book. Ronda loves the Bible. She is just missing that final piece. The book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. She also said she wouldn't accept it because it doesn't say "Holy" on it. The best part of Wednesday was we ate at the Chandlers. We always have a good time going over there.

Thursday we went to Woodriver and went to see Ron. We helped Ron out. We helped him fix his Lawn mower. We went back to Edwardsville. As we were riding past this nice restaurant and the bishop’s oldest son who is less active called us over and offered to pay for our food. It was a surprise and it was awesome. We went to the University to meet a student, but they blew us off, which was unfortunate.

Friday was great we had a ZLT with President and Sister Morgan. It was great they laid into us. They told us what we need to do better. I personally enjoyed it. We tried to contact more people throughout the day. Saturday was very interesting. We went and saw Ron in Woodriver. We had a great time we started throwing balls and spray paint cans into a garbage can. Ron loves us and always says he has our backs.

Saturday I really found out how far he would go to protect us. Let me tell you about Ron. Ron is a Former Latin Kings Disciple, Former KKK member, bipolar and has anger management problems. Ron is only 5'8 about 180. He has a potty mouth. But he loves the missionaries. He has grown very fond of me. So as we are throwing these cans and balls into this garbage can having a good time, One of Ron's neighbors come down off this hill and starts cussing Thorsen and me out saying that we were throwing things in his yard but we weren't. Then he proceeded to cuss Ron out. Ron's switch flipped from calm and loving to former gang member. Ron starts to charge at the guy. Thorsen and I grab him and take him inside the guy walks back home. I go back outside to grab our bags. Ron comes charging back outside. I grab Ron and drag him back in the house. Good thing I have been working out in the mornings. After that we said a prayer and left.

Sunday was fast Sunday it was great I really enjoyed it. We went back to Ronda’s to talk to her. We talked to her about the Plan of Salvation and she actually listened to us and accepted what we had to say. It was a great week.

Hope everyone has a great week. The Church is True. The book of Mormon is True and I am having a blast. Peace out until next time.


Elder Washburn

View of St Louis from Cahokia Mounds 

Cameron and Elder Thorsen

White shirt is Elder Peterson. I love that guy so much. Next is Elder Beaman he is cool

Panoramic on top of Cahokia Mounds

I need ICE CREAM!!!

Cameron and Ron

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