Monday, October 19, 2015

3 Months (Oct 20th 2015)

Well, I can hardly believe it has been three months. Time has just flown by. Well, we got transferred calls and I am staying in Edwardsville for another 6 weeks. Elder Thorsen will be leaving for Highland Missouri in Columbia. Which are 3 and a half hours away. Nuts. More News Rikki and JD are moving to Alton. Which is the area right above us. That really sucked. Also, Ronda is also moving... Huge bummer. My new companion is Elder Langston. I don't know anything about him.

Well, last Monday I was walking along a highway to the Ofallon mall. Since it was Columbus day Thorsen and I didn't think that the Library was open, but it was so sorry again. I know I am getting fat because a to-go box at Panda Express didn't fill me up... Sad. I am now 165 lbs.

Tuesday nothing really happened, unfortunately.

Wednesday we had apartment inspections. Totally passed, they came in and left within 5 minutes.

Thursday we had exchanges and I stayed in Edwardsville and Thorsen went to Glen Carbon. Taught another five lessons on exchanges. It was fun, but Elder Enos is basically a pile so it was fun but also not fun.

Friday was an okay day we didn't teach anyone which hasn't happened in a long time.

Saturday was a good day we went to Rons and helped him I just played with Collin. Collin is like five and he loves me, we play baseball and race each other. I love that kid so much. We taught Rikki for the first time all week and it was a great lesson. She will be moving in two weeks, but I remembered 12 weeks ago when we found them and started teaching them. Same with Ronda we taught her as well but said our last goodbyes to her. Very emotional. Ronda has come so far. It never stops to amaze me on how fast time has gone and how much people can change. Well, I am going to St. Louis for P-day and it got approved. A member is taking us so it will be fun. Everyone have a great week and look forward to emailing you again Monday. Peace Out.

Love,Elder Washburn

This one is for my teammate Kale Abbott

Ronda, our investigator. She is moving to another city.

Our District

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