Monday, September 14, 2015

Two Months?

Time fly’s when you are having fun. Can’t believe how fast the time has gone.

Monday we went to the stake center and played basketball with all the missionaries and didn't email because it was Labor Day.

Tuesday we had a great day we emailed and went to Ricky and JD's house. Ricky is really progressing and she is our favorite investigator by far. She, unfortunately, didn't come to church this week because she was in the hospital with some stomach pain but we will try again this week.

Wednesday was an interesting day it was super hot. Good thing we had the car this week. We talked to Prison Carl and he used a lot of French with us and said, "I’m all about that rebel flag though" Carl is extremely racist he is crazy. Also, he confessed his murder to us which was interesting. I’m officially not the youngest in the mission now. We just got a new batch of missionaries. I feel so old now... SIKE!

Thursday was great we had district meeting and we got two brand new Elders. Elder Dickson & Hopkins. They both seem cool today is there first P-Day it should be fun. We started teaching a new family Eric and Debra. They are brother and sister we both like them and they want us to keep coming over which is great!

So Friday was a blast we had weekly Planning at a park because it was nice outside. It rained most of the afternoon, which was nice because we had the car. We went back to Ricky and JD's that night and taught JD the restoration and talked about Joseph Smith. It went great we brought Brother Chandler with us.

Saturday was great we taught Ronda about Prophets and The Book of Mormon it went great she loves us and gave us bags of chips and soda. I like to go over there because she is so fun to talk to.

I just can’t believe it has been two months. Thorsen and I have a motto that we go by "If you aren't working hard, then you ain't having fun, if you ain't having fun then you aren't working hard." I love this I am having a great time out here. I love meeting all the interesting people that just seem crazy because they are the best stories to tell and they give me something to write about in my journal. Have a great week everyone! CHURCH IS TRUE!

Elder Washburn

On the Bus to Woodriver

Me and Elder Odem, Elder Rankin is on the top and Elder Butler is on the left coming into the picture
I will Start on the Far left that is Elder Morley, next to him is Thorsen and behind Thorsen is Elder Rankin one of our zone leaders, next to Thorsen is Odem, next to Odem is Enos (who is my district leader), next to Enos in the back is good ole Virgin, in front of Virgin is Sister Haderlie in the white she just went home to Utah, next to her is Sister Ewell who has two more transfers before she peaces out. There's me and next to me is Elder Butler who is our zone leaders and is home in Idaho now. That's the district and the zone leaders.
Raining, but I ain't getting wet!

cool guys.

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