Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mission (1st Transfer)

I am writing my email today because yesterday was Labor Day. The Library where I email at was closed so here I am emailing you today. This past week I saw a lot of success missionary work wise. We taught a lot of people. This week was also physically the most draining. I am going to just share Highlights of the week.

Monday we played Basketball of course.

Tuesday was nuts we met with Ricky and she was great but that evening we met this man named Carl. Carl has spent the last 15 years in prison for stabbing someone. Nuts right?

Wednesday we met Cindy Hicks at a park to talk to her and start the recent convert lessons. Well, she is friends with one of our other investigators her name is Jessica. Long story short Jessica's boyfriend stole her $19000 car and was on the run from the cops. She was on the phone with him yelling at him and swearing at a public park to give her back her car. It was rad. Sike it sucked because it got Cindy distracted.

Thursday was kind of crazy so we were at district meeting and the church phone rang. Thorsen answered it and this guy tells Thorsen "hey I want to meet with you missionaries, in fact, I will pick you up from the church and lets talk about Joseph smith" that's great that he wants to talk but uncomfortable about him wanting to pick us up. So we went over there with another set of missionaries and talked to this guy. He is borderline crazy.

Friday was a great day we taught a bunch of lessons.

So Saturday was good we got transfer calls that were exciting.

Sunday was fast Sunday that's a hard day for me because I have to fast from 6:30 am - Dinner. Other than that it was a great Sunday. I have been out one transfer it went by so fast I love this place I am having so much fun. Have a great week everyone and I will talk to you on Monday! 


Elder Washburn

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