Monday, August 31, 2015


This week went by fast so last Monday we went to St. Louis and played basketball with some other Elders. The Missionaries that drove us said that the zone leaders approved it so Thorsen and I went. Well, it turns out that we didn't get it approved and it was a big mess. I had no clue but I had fun and got lots of pictures.

Monday was also exchanges me and our district leader Elder Enos had fun but he is kind of a weirdo and was just parsing me and all this crap.

Tuesday we exchanged back and we went to Woodriver and tried a bunch of potentials but none of them answered. We were fed Pizza that night. It was delivered to our apartment, but the lady forgot to order it and so we had to wait around for her to order it.

Wednesday started off bad I woke up in the middle of the night and threw up because of the pizza. The rest of the day was wicked sweet we picked up a new investigator. Carl Jackson this cool black guy in his mid-60s. It was great talking to him, he has talked to a lot of missionaries before and so we will see how it goes this time but that night the Belivino's fed us. The wife is a member and the Husband isn't. They ordered Little Caesars pizza and fed us but after they asked us what we needed. We were hesitant to answer because we don't want to ask them for all this stuff. The wife explained that she is an extreme couponer and she has a ton of groceries in her basement that we could pick from. So they gave us three grocery bags full of food and shampoo and stuff like that it was awesome.

Thursday was wicked hard only because we biked from Woodriver. It took us two hours we probably biked 50 plus miles in total. We biked to Woodriver because the Glen Carbon Elders that we share the car with used basically all the miles so we had to improvise. So we rode to Woodriver we met with our investigators. Do you guys remember Ricky and JD? The Golden family I talked about that. Well, we have been going over there or, at least, trying to go over there for a long time. We stopped by on Thursday and Ricky told us to come in. Turns out Ricky read 10 chapters of the Book of Mormon. Plus she remembered everything she read I was impressed. She is totally ready for the Gospel her husband not so much... we will work on that.

Friday was interesting we had district meeting and I gave training on pages 6 and 7 of preach my gospel it went well. We took the car to Woodriver and tried more potential but we met with a less active whose only excuse for not coming to church is transportation. Which I find it hard to believe...

Saturday was fun we had apartment inspections. Which I have no doubt we totally aced, we had weekly planning and got a lot of stuff done then we went out to dinner with brother chandler this is the guy who feeds me all the one pound burgers. Not this time but he always finds a way to overfeed us. He took us to this bbq place it was alright I could barely walk after then as the night drew to a close he randomly pulled into an ice cream place and fed us ice cream I thought I was going to explode.

Sunday went well I taught Gospel Principles on the Creation I gave a great lesson. That night we went and saw Ronda. She is a great lady but she is stuck in her ways. s we talk with her she loves to interrupt especially when we talk about the Book of Mormon. So told her I was going to bare her my testimony this is what I said. " Ronda I am going to bear you my testimony but without any interruptions, I am representative of Jesus Christ and I speak with the Power and Authority of the Holy Ghost." I don't know what I said after that but as I said that I stared right into her eyes and she didn't say a word. Thorsen looked at me with a face of holy crap.
It was a great week I had lots of fun it was a slower week meaning we didn't teach that many people but we worked hard. Love you all have a great week.

Elder Washburn

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