Monday, August 24, 2015

Mission Life Rockz

This week went by fast as usual. I am having a blast out here. Elder Thorsen is awesome.

So last Monday was fun but not great we played ball and did our shopping nothing out of the ordinary or all that fun.

Tuesday was great so we took a bus to Woodriver and taught Amanda and Eric. We taught a great lesson and Amanda cried basically the whole time we committed them to be baptized but they aren't married yet so we gotta fix that. Tuesday was crazy a huge storm hit us while we were on our way to SIUe. We lucky made it to the building shortly after it started raining. We taught a recent convert student. His name was Damoni and he had questions and beliefs like an investigator. As we were on our way back from the university we rode past this open filed and there was this flock or pack of wild turkey. So Thorsen and me got off our bikes and chased them around it was a blast. It was still sprinkling on our way back and we saw this baby bird in the middle of the bike trail. It was cold and lonely so I picked it up and put it in my raincoat and let it go by our apartment.

Wednesday was fun but very unproductive. We share a car with other elders and they came and picked us up and we went to president interviews and stuff in O'Fallon Illinois. We spent the whole day out there because one of our headlights was out and we had to fix it. So we couldn't do anything.

Thursday was the best day of the week because we taught three lessons and had picked up three new investigators. It made up for the day before.

Friday was physically very exhausting. So we have this member, sister Finey who thinks we are her personal maids or something. So it’s like 11 o clock and we are going to try some potentials and she called and said hey I need your help moving some things from my friend’s house to my house. So we tried to reschedule for this Tuesday but she said no lets do it today. So her friend lives in Woodriver. So we take a bus to Woodriver and meet her at her friend’s house. We took apart a bed and loaded it up. Took a bus back to Edwardsville and rode ten miles outside of the city to unload the bed and set it up for her. Then we rode ten miles back to the apartment. Then we went to dinner, which was probably 8-10 miles outside the city. Then we rode to our church building to go to a baptism, which was probably another ten miles. We biked about 40 miles that day I was exhausted.

Saturday we wake up and its pouring rain out side. So Thorsen and me decided to clean the entire apartment and organize it. I think we have the cleanest apartment in our district/zone.

Sunday was fast we went to church and we had like a lesson/ conversation at a park to lady and her husband. She had some crazy beliefs and talked our heads off it was nuts she talked to us for like a strait hour. Then we went and visited Lori one of our investigators and she dropped us so Sunday was great but kind of crummy. Other than that the church is true I love being a missionary hope everyone has a great week. I know its early over in AZ right now love you all.


Elder Washburn
Deer are everywhere. Along the bike paths and they are not afraid of us. 

Trying to wear shorts because it is so humid. 

Praying mantis on his helmet, rode around for a few block with this passenger. 

Elder Thorsen reading letters sent to him from the Washburn's. 

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