Tuesday, August 18, 2015


BOOM Saggot its official I have been out a month on my mission. Everything is going along great.

So last Monday we had P-day and we played ball again... It is the only fun thing to do out here in Edwardsville. It’s cool with me though. So we had dinner with my favorite family the Chandlers they are sooo cool but in their own way. Brother Chandler comes with us all the time so I have gotten to know him pretty well. I have been super wise with my missionary funds, I still have over a hundred dollars for this month. Feels good to save money. I will be honest I like to write letters way more than I like to email.

So Tuesday we had a fun day as usual. We taught Lori again she was giving us the drop talk and we ended up teaching here the Gospel of Jesus Christ Lesson. Lori is in here mid 60s and she has dealt with a lot in her life. We later went over to Alisha’s she lives in Woodriver she was an alcoholic but she is now 100 and something days sober. Her next addiction to get over is her love of smoking she loves to smoke she lives with her parents and asks them for cigarette money all the time its sad Alisha is in her mid 40s and she hasn't made the best decisions but she loves it when we come over because it makes her happy. We later that night went to the Sever's for dinner. The Sever name is like Smith back in Utah. So they fed us dinner and we had Pork steak, mash potatoes, corn, watermelon and bread it was awesome. They are a little bit of an older couple in the ward. He is a seminary teacher and she just stays at home.

Wednesday we went back to Loris house and had a great restoration lesson. The spirit was definitely there. We read the book of Mormon with her and talked about it. After the lesson we went and tried some more people but they didn't answer. We had dinner with Bishop Ryan and his family. They are a great family they have three sons and the oldest is inactive, they second one is active he just graduated high school and is going on a mission next summer and there youngest son is going to be either a sophomore or a junior. It was a good dinner we had some gumboil stuff it was really good.

Thursday we had district meeting and I went on my first exchange. With Elder Virgin it was awesome. So after District lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings we went back to his apartment in Glen Carbon. We went and helped a member move a 19 something Mustang with a Cleveland engine in it, the guy was saying if he cleaned out the engine and stuff he could get 500 horsepower out of it. What was really cool is his family is the original owner of the car and his brother wrecked it a little so he is going to restore it. So after that he took us to Bobby's the best custards in town. Which was sick after that members took us to dinner at Red Robin, which was even sicker, but I felt like I was going to explode no joke. Virgin and me decided to try and walk off the food after dinner and went out. We ended up picking up two new investigators. A very young couple barely into there 20s. They are engaged but are saving money so they can pay for the wedding. They listened to what we had to say we gave them book of Mormons and taught the restoration at their doorstep it was great. We talked to them for to long and had to walk home in the dark. It was whatevs.

Friday was fun we taught this guy named Ron Pruitt. The craziest, most racist, most vulgar and biggest liar you will ever meet. He is a former member of the KKK has been in and out of Jail and I am pretty sure he has killed someone. So we met with him and he goes o about this story, he said he was in a head on collision on Thursday and looked in perfect condition, said he threatened to kill someone in front of the cops which we all know that's a lie and his dog (a husky) will attack on his command, which is also a lie. He was funny I enjoyed the visit. Later that night we taught this lady named Debbie, very sweet lady she gave us lemonade and cookies. She grew up Methodist and is in her mid 60s. She had some interesting beliefs but it was cool to talk to her. That night we went and played ball at the church. Now I’m not being disobedient we got permission. So the Ryan boys were there. We went because the oldest boy went who is inactive. It was cool with me. Some of the best ball this whole mission. It was three on three because another Priest from the ward came. It was intense and just fun. I didn't lose a single game all night. I had a blast of course.

So Saturday was awesome we went out with Brother Chandler again and we went to Alisha’s house and she had a guy with her his name is josh and we taught them the restoration it was great, he is totally interested but he's homeless and jobless. So after Brother Chandler took us to lunch to a place called Donzo's. Me, Elder Thorsen and Brother Chandler all got one pound burgers. It was awesome me and brother chandler both finished are burgers but Elder Thorsen couldn't so I did. I would like to say I am 160 pounds now I was 150 when I left... We taught Lori again that night and she broke down and cried and I challenged her to read the book of Mormon more than the bible it was a great lesson. After we went to Loris we went to the Clements an old couple in the ward but a young sense of humor. I love them so much. They were the ones who picked Thorsen and me up from the Transfer meeting.

Sunday was supposed to be crazy but it wasn't we had a couple lessons planned but they fell through so it was a bummer but after church we went to this retirement/mentally challenged care home to teach and talk to a member. So we try teaching the Atonement and this half deaf catholic lady starts going off and wouldn't stop talking the rest of the lesson. So a member of the church who was a female came and gave the closing prayer. The catholic lady that was talking can’t hear a thing and the lady who gave the prayer basically called her out for talking too much it was funny. I am having a blast out truly getting lost in the work sometimes it can be tough but nothing is ever easy right?

Oh and sorry I couldn't remember a whole lot that I wanted to tell you, I threw a cup of water at a hornets nest and left all my stuff in the apartment. Oh and I didn't get stung.


Elder Washburn

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