Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry CHRISTmas (Dec 19th 2016)

Hello, my friends. What a week we had in Cape Girardeau. Well before I start speaking about Cape I better mention Maryland Heights. 
Monday we went to a Mexican restaurant and after that, we went to a bowling alley and had a blast there it was so much fun. I finished packing and said goodbye to members there it was fun. 
Tuesday we had transfers. It took an hour and 45 minutes to travel from st. Louis to Cape Girardeau. So long but so worth it. We go into Cape and started unpacking and went and got some groceries and saw some people. The apartment is much bigger than Maryland Heights. We each have our own bathroom and closet. big kitchen and its just comfortable. So I have a serious problem every apartment I move into I clean and reorganize it. So that's what I have been doing with free time. I can say it looks dang good. 
Wednesday we worked on our power point. We were invited to a Methodist church to basically present the church to people so we worked on that. We saw Jimmy Evans he is an investigator he is a long time smoker. He is a good guy it can be hard for us to talk he likes to talk. So Wednesday night we made a road trip out to Mounds Illinois it is about 45 minutes. but worth it, we were trying to go see a lady named Teresa. The last time the missionaries taught her was in October so we stopped by and she answers the door and says no way, I just finished the first 8 chapters of the book of Mormon. My heart skipped a beat a little bit. We couldn't go inside to teach her because we didn't have another male with us. So we set up an appointment for Thursday it eventually fell through. She is a welder on the Mississippi river she is also a lesbian. Well used to be. Her homosexual desires were dissolved by reading the book of Mormon then she also expressed that she wanted to be baptized so we grabbed a member and went up on Friday night and set a date it was awesome she needs to stop drinking coffee, tea, and smoking but she's got it. She is scheduled to be baptized for January 14th. We are going back up today and teaching her every Monday and Friday until the 14th. She is awesome. She is making us fried chicken tonight. 
Thursday night we had a presentation at the Methodist church. very nice people wonderful hosts. super comfortable it was different teaching the Restoration in a presentation it felt more like we were selling the gospel not teaching it. We have been eating homemade tacos every night they are the most delicious thing ever. I will have to send a video of us doing it. Cape Girardeau is amazingly fun I love it here and I have been here a week. Actually less. I think I love it so much because of the immediate success. The miracles are already happening. I know what happened to Teresa was of God. The converting power of the Book of Mormon is promised to all those who abide by its precepts. Who live by the principles in it. It helps us draw closer to God. It is an ancient record of an ancient American people that speak of the same Jesus Christ that was in Jerusalem. What a blessing to have the words of a people who inhabited this land. Search, read, ponder, pray, ponder and then apply it is what we need in these latter days. 
Friday we planned and saw a lot of people. Some said that they were prophets and some said that they had seen UFOs but that is typical Cape Girardeau. 
Sunday church was canceled because of weather which was weird it felt like Saturday we had some lessons. It was a good day and a wonderful week. 
Happy Holidays.
Love you and have fun.


Elder Washburn

Maryland Heights District Dec 2016

Making Cookies for the Ward Christmas Party

Missionary Bag Ornament Christmas Tree

Mexican Dinner with Maryland Heights District. 


Elder Ward and Elder Washburn 

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