Wednesday, October 26, 2016

20? P-Day? (Oct 26th 2016)

Wow, what a stretch. President P-day went well. We played basketball with our mission president and played many other sports, it was a lot of fun.
Sunday the 16th was good. We had a meeting in the morning and church, which went well. We got to teach primary, it was really fun. We also had dinner with the Polander’s, which is always a treat.
Monday we did service for a member. We cleaned some office supplies stuff and he gave us wooden pens with our names engraved on them. Really sweet, I love it. We had dinner at the Shelly’s. They have a bunch of little kids, it is fun when we go over.
Tuesday we had district meeting with the Pagedale District and then had exchanges with them as well. I had Elder Peterson who is from Mesa Arizona. It was weird talking about all the things back home and people we know. It was a good exchange, we were able to find a new investigator and see a couple less-actives. Then that night, we played sting pong. It was super fun. Elder Peterson looked like swizz cheese after, it was fun.
Wednesday morning we went and played basketball and by Wednesday morning I mean like 5:45am. We got a bunch of missionaries to get together to play, it was a lot of fun. Then we went to Rockwood 1 District meeting and we had a good time. After district meeting we went and saw a less active and found two new investigators. That night we had our Bible Study and dinner. We ate white castle, I didn't eat too much, I didn't want to wreck my system. Mom didn't raise no fool.
Thursday we had another exchange except we went into another area. We went to blitz their area to help them out with finding new investigators and stuff. It was fun Elder Dial and Jeppson are funny. We enjoyed our time with them.
Friday we went to Blue City Deli and had lunch with a member from another area that Elder Ward knows. Then we got back out and got to work. We saw a less active. We had dinner with the Shelly’s again. Then had our Ward Halloween Party, that was fun. A member made a big caldron of clear root beer and gave the extras to us, which is great, I call it Washburn’s moonshine.
Saturday we had weekly planning and we tried to see some people. We also helped a member move out of there hornet infested house, which was crazy. We had dinner and ward correlation with our ward mission leader as well.
Sunday we had church and we had dinner at the Johnsons. We had a lesson with Sam and Laura. It went well, but they need to turn to God for answers and not Google.
Monday this week we worked but we went to the mission office and drove down in our big van to the Chevy dealership. Drove some brand new Chevy Malibu’s right off the lot. It was so sweet. They were fun to drive. Then we saw Brother Gwi a less-active that is coming back to church. We love seeing him, he has some funny stories he shares with us. We had dinner at the Lakes and it was an empty Nester dinner which was weird. A bunch of old people without kids at home and then there is us... it was still fun.
Tuesday we had an exchange with the other missionaries in our ward. I walked all day it was nice, we had fun. We taught a guy named KJ who likes guys. He wrote down our names and put a bunch of hearts next to my name and complimented me on my pants. The lesson went well but that was interesting. The rest of the day was good. 

Today we are going to Saint Louis and the Arch may be. 

I love you all and I know God loves you as well. Have a great week and I will talk to you all on Monday.
Elder Washburn

Presidents P-Day

Backyard Basketball

Maryland Heights Zone

No need to fix it just put a sticker on it. 

Elder Washburn, 2017 Chevy Malibu

Elder Ward, 2017 Chevy Malibu

Out doing the Lords Work. 

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