Thursday, July 30, 2015

Provo MTC July 2015

July 25th 2015 3:02 I will be leaving the MTC on Tuesday at 3:30 in the morning the flight takes off at like 8:00 or something they said I can make a phone call. Expect a phone call between 5:00 - 6:30 am Arizona time. Love you!!!!!!!!

July 21st 2015 2:28 I just did my laundry and got a haircut it was a success. I got a couple of more minutes because my computer rebooted in the middle of my emailing. So funny story, Me and Elder Bingham are in the same classroom but different companionships he’s this 5'7 chubby kid with a hilarious personality. We go on "splits" but its really SRS {Stress Relief Session} where we go to the commons area of the classroom building and make jokes and have a good laugh. Lately our zone leaders have been part of it with us and Elder Carroll (the Hawaiian), we laugh so hard and we do it all the time now. The zone leaders pull Elder Bingham and me out of class all the time to just go laugh and have a good time. It’s seriously the best. Elder Carroll gave me the nickname of thunder in Hawaiian. It’s really cool. Last night we just messed around it was perfect. Tonight there will be a ceremony of passing of the nerf guns. The elders before us were mailed nerf guns by one of the elder’s grandmas. They have nerf-fights at night its hilarious. So tonight they will have a special ceremony and pass the six guns down to their favorite elders. I am positive I will get one. There’s meaning behind every gun. Elder Durant can really get on my nerves sometimes, he does everything I do, likes to share all the time in class and is way to serious and spiritual. Our district leader Elder Holbrook loves to talk about himself. He shares stories about a bunch of crap that I could care less about and he always tries to think he’s funny. When you talk to him it seems he says sure every five seconds he’s from Florida but he’s going to the Jackson Mississippi mission. Thank goodness. All the other elders in my room are extremely quiet. No one talks and has fun except me. Which really sucks sometimes. They don’t let loose. Mom I love you!!! This is really the last email until next Monday byyyyyyyyyeeeee!!!!!!!

July 21st 2015 1:01 Sorry my computer shut off in the middle of my emails I’m sending you all letters so I don’t want to give away too much but my zone leaders are dope. Elder Williamson and Elder Bateman are hilarious and there’s a elder names Elder Carroll who’s Hawaiian and he give me a Hawaiian name and a necklace lei thing he’s really cool and there’s my favorite elder. Elder Bingham is hilarious!! We joke all the time he’s going to Jackson Mississippi though and so are the rest of these elders but they keep my mind off of home!!! Sorry I cant figure out how to up load photos.
I cant figure it out sorry but I have taken plenty of photos mom I love you!! I got to get off I will make sure I learn how to upload photos!!!! I have lots of cool funny experiences to tell in my next emails! Love you and talk to you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love your elder, Elder Washburn 

July 21st 2015 12:07 I am having more fun as of lately. I love you so much. There are a couple of elders who are making this experience a lot easier. I wake up at 6:30 and go to breakfast at 7:00 then I got the classroom for like 4 hours then lunch at 11:30 then the classroom for 3 hours then dinner then we are supposed to study for three hours but I study for one hour then go goof off.
I forgot my camera but I am going to grab it I’ll be right back give me 10 minutes!!!!!!