Monday, March 6, 2017

Tornado (March 6th 2017)

A couple interesting things happened this week. There was a Tornado about 40 minutes from our apartment, I am positive I have Poison Ivy, I made a tie this week and we helped with the Tornado wreckage. We had President Interviews as well.

Monday we had a normal day but we had lots of Stake information and type ups we needed to do. We had a lot of people cancel on us which is not so much fun. It was weird working on a Monday. You get used to doing things a certain way for a while and then you change it up every so often. We did have the chance to go see Anthony. We love Anthony he is a great guy. We keep things really simple with him. Right now he doesn’t really know how to read and write so we keep it simple.

Tuesday was P-day. I feel like I should have Preparation day on Tuesdays from now on. So many Holidays fall on Mondays now. We went to a music store, went to a lookout point over the Mississippi River. I got a haircut and it looks fresh. We ate at Burritoville, it was really good. That night we saw James and had some Papa Johns. It was good and we had Grape Cranberry juice. Then we prepared the building for President Interviews which would take place the following day. 

Wednesday we had President Interviews first thing in the morning and I was the first interview of the day, it was great! I love President Bateman. District Meeting went well. President Bateman talked about “How the work of Salvation isn’t just Missionary work and it isn’t just Temple work it is both of them coming together” which is great. Our mission has been really pushing Family History work lately. We are working on it with everyone. Missionaries, less-actives, Investigators and Recent Converts. After interviews, we tried seeing a few people and as we saw people we were seeing who we should go see next. We saw this Rat eating this garbage on the street it was gross, got a sweet pic. We had a meeting later that night with President Bateman and President Dickson who is our Stake President. Super good meeting, we talked about the needs of the Stake and what the mission can do to help. In the presence of great men. 

Thursday we had service at the Senior Center here in Cape Girardeau. We served food and it was fun reminded me of the Dardenne Creek days. After service, we drove up to Ullin to see the Bollinger’s and they were not there which was tough because we used 25 miles to drive up there. It’s a good scenic drive which is a good trade off. We really wanted to get in and see them because they are our top people but the distance is hard and sometimes they aren’t there for appointments. After coming back we had dinner and then went to Coordination with Brother Sparks. We discussed some investigators but also a Gospel Study class we are starting this week. 

Friday we drove up to St. Louis for our Mission Leadership Conference and it was awesome. I loved it. The drive was long. We have designated drivers for each car and I am the one for our car. I get to drive Fiona our Ford Fusion all day every day. Fiona and I are good friends. That night we had a lesson with Libin and he was difficult. He questioned everything we said it was a rough night with him. 

Saturday we went up to Perryville where there was a Tornado and we helped a gentleman clean up his house or what he had left of it. We helped clean out the Basement because the top of the house had been blown away. It was sad. Makes you feel grateful that it wasn't you. We were exhausted, it took up most of the day then. It was crazy only one person died though which was good, well not good but you know what I mean. We had Pizza at the Baird's, it was good. I love them. I get so excited when they invite us over. We saw Ben Pinkerton that night along with Anthony both recent Converts. Both good visits 

Sunday we got a new Bishop. Bishop Shipley, he is awesome, he wants to meet every Saturday and discuss missionary work. Did I mention he is awesome! He got up to the pulpit on Sunday and gave a General Conference address. It was awesome. He is a professional chef too. We had dinner with the Baird’s that night as well. It is so fun going over there, I love them. We had Jambalaya super good. 

It was a super good week. They are flying by faster and faster. The Book of Mormon is awesome it is evidence of God’s love for us and his children. I hope you all have a great week and are safe continually.

Elder Washburn
Look out point over the Missippi River. Cape Girardeau MO.

Another day of doing the Work.

The ugly Rat we saw out visiting people.

Helping out after the Tornado. 

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