Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Eating Peanut Butter (February 21st 2017)

What a week it has been thus far. We have had some really cool things happened and no more cut fingers! Which is always something to celebrate. Right?? 

Monday we played some basketball with the Jackson Elders (Elder Scarlett & Karras) we had fun. Played 2v2 and some other games. It was good to play some ball and work out. That night we stopped by and saw Jimmy and also tried some of the Young Single Adult names that are on campus. It was a great night nothing to big happened that night or day. 

Tuesday we drove up to St. Louis for exchanges with the Assistance. We got up nice and early to make the drive. It was also Valentine’s Day. I was with my former companion Elder Ward. It was weird being together again, but lots of fun. We taught a few people. We had Canes for Lunch and just reminisced on being companions three months prior. I love Elder Ward. We had a wonderful exchange and it was good to be together again. I learned a lot and was able to continue to grow. The best part was we got up early Wednesday and Played Basketball it was a lot of fun. 

Wednesday we had to leave St. Louis at 7 am to make it to our apartment by at least 9:30 am to drive all the way down to Sikeston for District Meeting at 10:30 am. It was not the funniest driving but we went from the center of the mission to the very bottom of the mission. We had a baptismal interview and then we went to Lambert's, it was awesome. The food was okay at best but catching roles was really fun. After Lambert's we drove back up to Cape Girardeau and we had an exchange with the Jackson Elders. I was with Elder Scarlett who is from Gilbert Arizona and went to Campo Verde High School. We had a blast. I love Elder Scarlett, he is such a great guy and just wants to do good. We took a recent Convert to the Family History Center and we went and tried some formers and potentials and saw Jimmy. What was really awesome is Mom and Dad came in the clutch by sending us some Pizza. It was so good it hit the spot. 

Thursday Elder Scarlett and I stayed together and went and did service at the senior home. It was fun I picked up trays and cleaned some of the tables. After we had service we had a lesson with a less active. It was a great lesson, we helped her understand the spirit and recognizing it. We had the chance to see one of their recent converts named Ben. We discussed the Plan of Salvation with him. He lives in a trailer and he was heating his trailer with his stove. It was warm in there but also sad to see people less fortunate have to struggle but the most important thing he has is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After we had a lesson with him we went to Brother Sparks for Dinner and coordination. Coordination is fun, Brother Sparks is a great guy. His family is funny as well. We saw James McNew after Coordination. We read some of the Bible with him and talked about how much our heavenly father loves us.

Friday we had Weekly Planning. We had a great weekly planning session and were able to meet with Brother Neal afterward. We talked about the Priesthood, also about the Holy Ghost. After being with Brother Neal we tried some Young Single Adult names and were able to come in contact with some of them. Which was great. We had dinner at the Zaruba’s. We had Spaghetti, it was delicious! We were so hungry. Before we had dinner at the Zaruba’s we went to the Southeast Missouri campus and went to the dorms. We snuck in and soon found out that you need a key card to get anywhere. So we snuck back out. I felt like the part of inception when everyone in the dream knows you aren't supposed to be there so they all start looking at you. That’s what was happening so we left but we felt like Secret Agents for Christ, it was sweet. The Dinner at the Zaruba’s was great. 

Saturday we went and saw Alecia that didn’t go over to well, she is leaving the church for odd reasons. We got in contact with more YSA names in Jackson which was fun. We went to one and they had these huge dogs that thought they were lap dogs. It was funny we got a good laugh out of those. Saturday night we saw Joel. We had taught Joel in the past and said he wasn’t interested in meeting so we went by, of course. He let us in and we had a super powerful lesson and set a date to be baptized on March 17th. It was one of the best lessons I have been a part of. We helped him recognize the Holy Ghost and he felt it. He knew what he was feeling was from God. After his lesson, we saw Anthony and reviewed the Gospel Principles lesson for Sunday with him.

Sunday Joel came to church so did Kathy and three YSA members! It was a miracle and blessing. Joel had a great time at church. He loved it, it was awesome. We helped a lady move some stuff around and went home teaching as well. That was fun we had a lesson with a less active family and saw James again. The Gospel is amazing! It can heal the wounded soul and comfort the broken hearted. 

Shout out to Sister Washburn leaving today for Manchester!!! Good Luck!!!! The mission is so fun and such a great learning experience. 

I love this Gospel that we teach and it is all centered on Jesus Christ and His Atonement. I know it to be true. I love you all have a great week. 

Elder Washburn

Not quite sure what this is all about. 

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