Monday, January 30, 2017

Press Forward (Jan 30th 2017)

Well, it is time to write the big email. I will tell you first that I am staying in Cape Girardeau but I am getting a different companion Elder Atterton. He came out with me, he has Red hair and he knows how to make ties. So I am looking forward to learning how to make ties with him and add to my flower tie collection. It was a lot of fun being with Elder Hermann. It feels like we have been together for 3 days, but he is on his way to Champaign, Illinois. 

On Tuesday we had the temple trip so I started my email and wasn't able to finish until Thursday but the last email talked about the Temple trip. It was a lot of fun and I loved it. I wasn't in love with being in the car for 5 hours in total. But it was well worth it. We got back that night and a member had canceled dinner so they sent Domino's, it was so good. It was nice to see old friends and people going home. It is also weird to see people go home because you feel like they aren't going home, but they are it's odd. 

Wednesday we had the Missionary Broadcast and District Meeting. It was awesome. We had District Meeting first then we had the Broadcast. The Broadcast was historical. We have a new schedule. Basically, everything that I used to do is no longer done. The mission has changed so much since I have been out here on my mission. Our schedule is different, the way the Temple trip is organized is different, the way we collect information is different. My Mission President is different. It’s all different but for the better. We had District Meeting and we said our goodbyes and took pictures. Then we saw a few people, nothing too exciting. 

I gotta be honest I can’t really remember what we did Thursday. It has been kind of a slow week. So all the days kind of mesh together. A few things here and there that stand out. Like on Thursday we went and saw Jimmy, it was probably our most calm visit we have had with him. We talked about Samuel the Lamanite. Jimmy doesn’t like the Book of Mormon sometimes because it is too easy to read the comments, that it is written like a poem. He rarely reads what we give him. God’s word doesn't need to be hard to read and make you feel guilty all the time. That’s the beauty of our Heavenly Father, He gives us things to help us to understand Him more not make us more confused. We love Jimmy he is a great guy. We have good memories with him. We also saw Anthony he is funny. We always have to sit outside. So when it’s like 30 degrees we make our visits brief and quick. It’s a lot of fun with him.

Friday we had weekly planning and that went well. Probably the best one we have had yet. We were able to get some plans together and figure out some needs for people. We saw Libin that night. He was fun to see. We talked about Faith in Jesus Christ and the Creation. We had some bigger deeper questions, but we are getting closer and closer to him. He is a wonderful guy, we are trying to help him become a humble learner.

Saturday we had lunch at Texas Roadhouse, thanks to grandma. I wonder what they call Texas Roadhouse in Texas? Good question right? It was a good Saturday, we made a cool street contact with a guy and he wanted to come to church, it was cool. We had dinner at a members house named Rachel Pope. It was really good. We had some teriyaki chicken and sweet corn. 

Sunday we had church and we also had transfer calls. We had a dinner with a member, the Caldwell family. They are awesome we had a super good thought with them in Doctrine and Covenants 18:10-19. I like how it said in verse 15 "cry repentance" I dwelt on that for a while and came to a conclusion that it requires emotion and love to cry repentance, not just teach it our preach it. Thought it was cool and also thought I would share it with all of you. 
We had a great week. Going to have another great week because you can’t have bad weeks as a missionary, it is too fun to have a bad one. 
Love you all have a great week.
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