Tuesday, January 17, 2017

18 Months (January 17th 2017)

Hey everyone we had a great week this week. We had some cool things happen. I have now been on my mission for 18 months, that’s weird. It doesn't feel like it has been 18 months, but its flying by. 

On Monday this past week we didn’t do much of anything. We did some shopping and played some sports. Nothing too exciting. That night we saw Jimmy and Anthony our lessons went well. Anthony’s are fun because we have to sit outside in the cold. It’s always interesting to see who will freeze over first. Jimmy’s is also interesting, he finally throughout his bed that was covered in Bed Bugs. He was spraying alcohol and lemon juice on them to kill them. He had us help, I thought I was going to die from being in his room with no air circulation. It was crazy. Thought I was going to die, I felt dizzy. Not a good sign I know.

Tuesday we saw Barry in the morning. Barry is Pentecostal he always talks about speaking in tongues. He is great, we love Barry. He has a problem smoking and is taking medicine to stop smoking. I am sure he shouldn't do that but he does. We also went and saw Alecia she is a recent convert and her son Wyatt is crazy. He is everywhere, we have been trying to settle him down. Right now it’s working. We have gotten him to say a few prayers and settle down for our lessons. He is like 5 years old but we are making progress. We saw James, he was also recently baptized. He has bed bugs, We always are dodging them (places with bed bugs) and staying clear of places where we know they are at. 

Wednesday we had exchanges with the assistances. We drove up to St. Louis after District Meeting. It was a good hour and 45-minute drive. I was with my dude, Elder Sagers again. He goes home at the end of January which is a bummer but I love him. We had a wonderful exchange. We went and saw a potential investigator and as we were teaching him this lady walked in and we invited her to sit in on the lesson with us. It was sweet we enjoyed our discussion. Then that night we tried another lady and there were these three darker skinned kids on the porch. We are in the heart of St. Louis and this kid was like "do yall play basketball?" and Elder Sagers and I said "yes". He said, "do you think you can hang with me?" I shot back and said, "I know I can hang with you". He ran into the house and grabbed his ball and said: "okay try to steal it from me". After three dribbles I had the ball in my hand. Then he said okay let’s play one on one so I played him and killed him he didn’t have much of a chance then he grabbed a friend and Elder Sagers and I played them and killed them. It was really fun and a good memory.

Thursday we drove back from St. Louis and had a lesson with Jimmy. We brought him a new bed and extra bed that we had. He was really thankful for it. We had a lesson with Regina. It was a spur of the moment lesson. She called us asking for prayers. So we went by and called a member in the ward and all went over there and had a lesson. It was good, we read Helaman 5:12 and talked about trials and hard times. If we build our foundation on Christ we can withstand the whirlwinds of the adversary. We had dinner at our ward mission leaders house and had our coordination meeting. 

Friday we were supposed to have a ZLT (Zone Leader Training) in Cape but because of the weather, everything was icy except for Cape. So we weekly planned and worked on some ward rosters. We also went to an all-black barber shop because we had a potential investigator there. We wanted to talk to her, so Elder Hermann got his hair cut. It was a good experience. It was fun, though. We had the chance to see Libin that night and had a lesson with him. He told us about how the Chinese government teaches people to not believe in God. It was really interesting on how he told us it went down, it was really, really sad but Libin is one of the few and that’s what is cool. We brought Brother Sparks who is our ward mission leader.

Saturday we got a text message from our Bishop telling us about someone who wanted to come to church that had given him a call. So we called her and set up a ride for her to come to church, it was really cool. We taught our less active Lindell. We talked about how Jesus Christ is our chosen leader and redeemer. After Lindell, we went to lunch with James to a Chinese buffet. Then he wanted to show us a look out point over Cape Girardeau, it was an awesome view. We worked on our ward roster some more. 

Sunday the lady who called came to church. It was awesome because there was a baptism after church that we had her attend as well. We had dinner at the Shipley’s that night and he is a professional cook and he cooked us some really good Carne Asada pizza. It was fun being at their house. Before dinner, we went and saw Ben. 

Monday yesterday we played basketball all day but before we went and played basketball we had Buffalo Wild Wings and someone paid for our meal, which was really nice. Those people always blow my mind. Super nice. We played basketball with a bunch of members and nonmembers. It was really fun. Then we had dinner at the Hovis's, we had KFC. He reminds me of a baptized version of Ron Pruitt. 

Well, I gotta run. I love you all, hope you have a great week. I will be emailing on Tuesday again because I get to go to the Temple. 
The church is True because the Gospel is True.


Elder Washburn
Go for a quick dip? Naw.

This is where the Work begins.

On our way to St. Louis

Elder Herman in his personal study spot. 

This is the cool look out over the Mississippi

James showing us the look out at the Mississippi

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